Education Online

Education online is a key initiative from the Ministry of Education to provide quality digital services

Working in partnership with the Technical Services and Information Management Unit (TSIMU) aims to provide reliable and sustainable digital services to support the delivery of quality education throughout Kiribati. Focusing on mobile enabled applications to support students, teachers and school leaders, this collection of tools is designed to provide access to information to enable school management, leadership, teaching and learning.

For monitoring the performance of schools, islands or an entire country, the Ministry of Education Online Data portal provides you with up to date information to manage your school or island.

Supporting the training and professional development of teachers, KTC offers online learning via its Moodle platform for engaging and interactive from your mobile, laptop or tablet computer.

Providing simple and easily understood information to make decisions on, our Jasper Reporting server allows for reports to be generated. downloaded and printed for schools, teachers or islands.