Data Portal

Overview of the Ministry of Education Data Portal

The Ministry of Education Data Portal has been developed to share information around a number of key areas of performance important for the delivery of quality information throughout the education sector. This information is collected from schools each year in the form of an annual school survey and entered into our database with more than 20 years of information about the schools of Kiribati. This valuable resource can be used by people involved in policy development, for planning and for resourcing schools.

The national dashboard provides access to important information for policy and planning related to national enrolment, teachers, and other key statistics by each sub-sector

Time-series statistical analysis of each of the key indicators for performance is provided to see how each sub-sector of the system is changing as a results of education sector reforms

School dashboards give school leaders simple and easy access to review your school enrolment, average examinations results and other download important reports.

While the examinations dashboard provides information for schools on the average performance of grades in each of the key standardised tests undertaken each year.